T on November 23rd, 2008

What began as an event I stumbled upon two weeks ago ended at the Pacific Ocean yesterday. L, P and I participated in the Great Los Angeles Walk 2008. There’s no way I can write up a description for the whole thing. Instead, I tried to take full advantage of technology (my blackberry’s GPS and camera and instamapper) to capture my location and sights along the way.

(It also allowed people to track me the whole way in real time, but I think only my mom did it ;-) She called as we were dying at the end to ask if we were 2 miles from the ocean – we were!)

The result is in the Google Map below – click on any placemark to see when I was there, and click on any pushpin to see what I saw from that location.

(Hint: I find it easier to use the + button in the top left to zoom in and get a better view. You can also “View Larger Map” under the image below and that will give you the full Google Maps window.)
View Larger Map

All in all, 18.3+ miles in about 8 hours. Would I do it again? My aching feet are saying “no” at the moment – but I suspect within a year I’ll be ready to try a new adventure with the Great Los Angeles Walk 2009.

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5 Responses to “I did it! The Great Los Angeles Walk 2008”

  1. 18+ miles? Goodness, I thought we were brave for doing the 8+ miles for the Great Aloha Run (Aloha Tower to Aloha Stadium – try it for your birthday one year, Todd!). Then again, we did have a 5 year old with us. And we did do it again the next year. Hope you decide to do your LA one again! Kudos to you and L and P.

  2. Glad someone is techno literate. Your blackberry battery had a bit of help or it made it thru the whole thing?

    Well off to view your photos…

  3. I was worried about the battery myself, but I gave it a full charge the night before, and it held up throughout the day. It was pretty low by 6PM though. I was uploading pictures in addition to sending the tracking info.

  4. Dude, this is amazing! I don’t know what blows me away more – the walk itself, or your amazing technological journal of it! Way to go!


  1. Coming Tomorrow – Live from the Great LA Walk

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