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  • Dongguan MoJiang Mechanics Equipment Co., Ltd

    Innovative enterprise of nano grinding and dispersion technology

    MoJiang Machinery is a manufacturing enterprise with the core technology of ultra-fine wet grinding. Provide customers with a complete set of industrial application solutions for integrated production lines such as intelligence, automation, high productivity, high standards and high requirements. The company continues to create value for customers and improve competitiveness in technology research and development, quality assurance and other aspects.

    The main products include PG series horizontal grinding machines, NB series ceramic nano grinding machines, NB series laboratory nano grinding machines, BD series rod pin grinding machines, NBSD series dual power nano grinding machines, etc,

    The MoJiangs have done a lot of solid work in technology research and development to guide the market to meet the needs. In terms of new energy and new materials, the integrated design of rough grinding and fine grinding has been developed, which can achieve fineness improvement and more uniform purity according to customer requirements; In view of the market demand of high standard and high requirement products such as silicon carbon nanotube, the most advanced dual-power dual-grinding equipment on the market has been developed.

    In terms of project services, MoJiangs have a deep understanding of customers' relevant needs and provide strategic advisory cooperation, which can not only maximize the benefits of cooperation, but also keep customers' products competitive. In recent years, the MoJiangs have been widely recognized by the market for their focus, professionalism and excellent comprehensive ability. In the application field of new energy materials, fine chemical materials, nano-ceramics and other ultra-fine grinding can meet the requirements of tens of nanometers. The fineness, purity, uniformity and other indicators have been greatly improved.

    According to customers' different market demands, MoJiangs have a variety of styles, models and specifications to choose from, or customize competitive MoJiangs and related system products for customers. Since its establishment, MoJiangs have been committed to R&D and innovation of core technology and design. Gather relevant professional and technical talents, mechanical engineering mechanics, applied material chemistry and other new types of high-precision technical talents through various channels to work together to build a platform, making progress year by year, and producing new products every year. Introduce cutting-edge fine grinding and disperse industries to make common progress.




    MJ-BD30Full-explosion rod-pin sander

    MJ-BD30High-efficiency horizontal rod pin sander

    MJ-BD20Full-explosion rod-pin sander

    MJ-BD6High-efficiency horizontal rod pin sander

    MJ-BD10High-efficiency horizontal rod pin sander

    MJ-NB1New Laboratory Nano Sander

    MJ-NBSDDouble-power nano-sand mill


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